Financing Information

Many people have a number of questions – especially about how to pay for the surgery. The Infinity Eye Care Center is dedicated to making eye surgery affordable for all interested patients. For this reason we provide the very best financing options in vision correction.

At The Infinity Eye Care Center, we are committed to offering only the safest and most effective procedures available, while constantly staying on the cutting edge technology.
Most insurance companies consider LASIK surgery an elective procedure, so it is often not covered under basic health or vision plans. Because we feel that finances shouldn’t stand in the way of clearer vision, The Infinity Eye Care Center has developed many payment options available to assist in making corrective surgery as affordable as possible.
The Infinity Eye Care Center is proud to honor the most beneficial discount available to our patients. Each patient is entitled to one discount benefit per procedure.
For more information on financing, please contact the Infinity Eye Care Center.
You can reach us at 0344-2593661 or 0213-5865220.

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