Out of Town

The Infinity Eye Care Center has a national and international reputation. As a result, we serve patients from all over the country and outside of the Pakistan, tailoring treatment plans to fit their schedules.

Out of Town Patients

Traveling for a eye care procedure is the ultimate in discretion, and you can even combine your surgery with a vacation. You’ll simply return home looking refreshed.

We offer special services for patients who travel to our practice located in Clifton, Karachi. If you’re taking the time to meet with Dr. Shahid and Dr. Tahir, that means you take your results seriously. Our patients understand that eye care procedures should never be treated lightly, and that they should prioritize talented, caring surgeons rather than convenience. We appreciate our patients who travel to Infinity Eye Care Center to ensure their outcomes are the best they can possibly be, which is why we help our out of town patients on every step of the way. Our world-renowned surgeons have worked with patients from all over the country, and we want your journey to our practice to go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re flying in to a face-to-face consultation or calling us for a phone consultation, we’re more than happy to make sure you are informed about our process during your first steps towards rejuvenation.

Infinity Eye Care Center can also help assist you with hotel arrangements. We have negotiated for reduced rates at some of leading hotels for your convenience.
You can reach us at 0344-2593661 or 0213-5865220.

  • A discounted fee for laser vision correction, up to 50%.
  • All pre-operative testing including a comprehensive eye exam.
  • All post-operative follow-up visits for one year.