Our Doctors

The doctors who make up the Infinity Eye Care Centre Ophthalmic and Optometric team are all extremely qualified and share a common vision of helping each of their patients achieve significant improvements in both their eyesight and lifestyle.

Prof. Dr. Tahir Arbab, MCPS, FCPS

More than many other medical disciplines, ophthalmology requires the combination of “high tech” with “high touch”. High technology equipment is necessary, but careful, compassionate, personal care is also required for successful ophthalmic treatment.
Dr. Tahir Arbab, Ophthalmologist at the Infinity Eye Care Center in Clifton, Karachi incorporates this commitment in his practice of ophthalmology. After studying medicine at Dow University of Health Sciences and completing an ophthalmology residency at Civil Hospital in Karachi, Dr. Tahir Arbab began the practice of ophthalmology in Karachi. He further moved forward and completed fellowship from College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan

Dr. Tahir Arbab continues to find great satisfaction in providing ophthalmic care and “dealing with people and their medical and ocular conditions”. He particularly enjoys the variety of patients and the different age groups he sees on a daily basis. But, his greatest joy comes from “sharing the joy of patients whose vision has been restored.”

He also appreciates the opportunities he has found at Infinity Eye Care Center. “When I perform cataract surgery, my patients are able to regain vision which has been lost,” he says, “but refractive surgery brings other rewards. When I perform refractive surgery, I am often able to give patients something they have never had before. Watching them regain and enjoy clear vision provides great professional and personal satisfaction for me.”

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