Squint Surgery

Strabismus, sometimes known as “squint” or “misalignment of the eyes,” is a disorder in which the line of sight of one eye is not aligned normally with the line of sight of the other eye. Surgery is performed on the eye muscles in order to properly adjust the way these muscles rotate the eyes.

Squint Surgery


his way, a normal alignment of the eyes is restored. Normal alignment can enhance vision, depth perception, head position, communication and quality of life. Both children and adults can benefit from squint / strabismus surgery.

There are basically two categories of adults with strabismus, or misaligned eyes. They either had childhood-onset strabismus that was never corrected, or they have suffered orbital or head trauma, stroke, brain tumor, orbital inflammatory disease (thyroid eye disease) or other neurological or eye conditions.

No one, adult or child, should have to live with this condition or the vision problems that may accompany it. Now, thanks to Pakistan’s leading ophthalmologist Dr. Shahid Azeem Mirz, adult strabismus is correctable at any age. Dr. Shahid is world-renowned for his work with adult strabismus. In each case, he adjusts the tiny muscles that control eye movements with great skill and precision until both eyes are able to move and track together normally.

You’ll feel confident knowing that our ophthalmic surgeons perform strabismus correction at accredited eye surgical centers that put your comfort, safety and convenience first. You’ll also feel confident knowing that a couple of the world’s leading ophthalmologists are on the Infinity Eye Care team.

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